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As a husband and wife team who recently got married ourselves, we know exactly how important it is to capture the biggest day of your life on film!  We know too well how quickly your wedding day whizzes by and inevitably, how much you will miss.  Fear not, we will be there with you every step of the way to capture every detail, every smile, every laugh and everything else in between.

We started VT Films for one simple reason...we knew we could do better!  We’d endured sitting through plenty of those 4-hour epic “classic” wedding videos in our time.  In fact, the words “wedding” and “video” were enough to make us run a mile.  We knew we could do something a little more stylish and contemporary.  We love capturing “moments” naturally, as they happen.  Fleeting glances, cheeky winks or sometimes just looks of raw emotion...for us it’s all about what happens in between the photographs.

What else can we tell you about ourselves?  We’re always up for a laugh, always wiling to go that extra mile and we always feel honoured to share in our couple’s special day.  We’re also perfectionists and every wedding film is a real labour of love for us.  Might sound cheesy but it’s true!

Mr & Mrs T.