We would usually be with you from your morning preparations through to your evening celebrations.  VT Films are East Anglia based videographers that create stylish and elegant wedding films in a cinematic style.  In a nutshell we have one package and it covers everything!

We work with you to plan our day around your most important moments including the Unveiling of Your Dress, Your Arrival, the First Glance down the Aisle, the First Tear, the First Kiss, the Confetti Moment, the Reception, the Speeches and finally the First Dance (along with everything in-between!).

Once we've finished filming on the wedding day the real work begins!  We painstakingly craft the story of your day together using both beautiful cinematic visuals and music alongside emotional highlights of dialogue from the ceremony, speeches or even letters you may have given each other.  Our finished films are as completely unique as you.  


You'll get to preview your wedding film firstly with a Teaser Trailer (see below), which does exactly what it says on the tin!  We'll host this online so you can share with family and friends to get everyone hyped up for the arrival of the main event! 


Finally we'll present your Wedding Film (see above top) in the form of a Bluray Disc, DVD or USB to allow you to experience the finished film in the highest quality possible.  Also included  is the "Uncut" footage from your full Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance, shot from up to 4 different angles.


We also include password protected web hosting of your Wedding Film and all your Bonus Feautures should you wish to send a link to loved ones that couldn’t make your wedding day.